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Simply stated “Bin Caddy” is a smartly designed overhead rail system for storage bins. Bin Caddy removes clutter from shelves and walls and out of your living space, by attaching to unused ceiling space found in every household. Bin Caddy can hang bins from your ceiling in a garage, basement, attic, or closet.  

Our patented design accommodates both 24′ and 16′ framing structures. What does that mean?  It means that you can install this on your garage ceiling, or basement ceiling, or attic, you could even install it in a closet if you desire.

With our smart design, Bin Caddy knows where your support beams in the ceiling are located. It’s simple to line up Bin Caddy with the support beam in your ceiling, after which Bin Caddy has already found the next one… making your installation very fast and accurate!  

How Does Bin Caddy work? 

It works by taking advantage of totes (bins) that have strong ridges and handles, and have a lid that you can rely on for strength. It allows you to slide the bins onto the Bin Caddy track and slide them on in a First on First off Order.  This creates a system where you would organize your bins as you use them throughout the year.

Rotating Season Items

Rotating Season Items

Most households have many seasonal totes, Christmas items, Thanksgiving decorations, Halloween costumes, different types of clothing for the year, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  With Bin Caddy you can store your items using compatible bins and rotate through those items in an orderly fashion. Is that it?  NO!  Bin Caddy is ideal for the outdoors man of the house as well.. Bin Caddy is commonly used by outdoor enthusiasts who want to store their equipment off the floor or shelves in order to gain back their living space.

Outdoor Gear Bin Caddy


Whether you want to organize many bins or just a few, Bin Caddy is the most affordable and fastest overhead rail storage system to install period!

BinCaddy is revolutionizing the recovery of living space in the home!

Real Space.Real Fast, Real Easy! 

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