About Bin Caddy

The Bin Caddy is an overhead storage system designed for quick and easy installation with a few household tools. With its unique patentened design, the Bin Caddy Storage system adapts to multiple overhead storage spaces, while giving you the flexibility to add on for future storage needs.  With our “5 easy installation steps” you’ll be enjoying more living space, less clutter and an organization system that keeps everything in its place.  The Bin Caddy is unique in the fact that in can be installed with a combination of four different layouts options. 

Beginning with the most popular layout is the “Rotating Storage” layout 

The Rotating Storage layout is ideal for large spaces or over the garage door.  Access at both ends makes loading “into storage” and “out of storage” easy, and allows for rotating seasonal items such as holiday decorations or children’s clothing.  

The Easy Access layout is perfect to access bins quickly.  This design is ideal for hunting, sports, or camping gear. It’s also one of the fastest designs to install. 

The Dual Access Layout is ideal for narrow spaces or access to items used several times a month.  Bins are stored back to back and accessed from both sides.  

The Long Term Storage Layout:  Maximizes storage space.  Bins are accessible from one end only and the system backs to a wall or support structure. Great for storing those just in-case items or off sized clothing.

No matter how many designs you choose to install, Bin Caddy is Real Space, Real Fast, and Real Easy. 

The Bin Caddy Story


“Bin Caddy” is a division of “Products of Paradigms LLC” and was founded in the spring of 2012 in Tampa, Florida by Sam Tilton and Tim Leep.  

The first objective of Products of Paradigms is to innovate simple ideas that solve every day problems, and turn those ideas into real products to be sold at reasonable prices.  As a company nothing excites us more than making this happen. Our hope is that our efforts will encourage others to think outside the box and find what they are capable of creating.    

The second company objective is to participate in the American dream and help build this great country by encouraging and fostering American manufacturing, job development, and economic growth.  If it is sold in the USA, it is made in the USA, keeping U.S. dollars at home.  

 “Bin Caddy”, the first of many products to come, is designed to take back the space we often forget about and create order for all the “stuff” in our life.  

We will continue to work hard to enhance and improve the “Bin Caddy” as well as introduce other product lines that are innovative and assist in adding strength to the American economy.


“Bin Caddy” Real Space, Real Fast, Real Easy.