Bin Caddy has a storage system second to none.  It’s easy to install and can be configured in a number of different ways.  The following questions help you to assess how to get started.

1. How many Bin Caddy Kits will fit in my garage? 

2. What bins (containers) work best with Bin Caddy?

Bin Caddy works with just about any bin on the market! You do not need to purchase any special bin. Here are some bins that we have really liked using

The bins shown below are ones that are most universal and create a well organized storage system. 

Whether you’re planning on purchasing new bins, or deciding if your current bins will work, select rigid plastic bins with a lid. The bin should also have a pronounced reinforced lip on the ends and STRONG support ribs on the sides. Using clear bins makes identifying contents easy. Colored bins should be labeled on the bottom. Bins on the same row should be uniform in width and length, (but could be different depths.)


3. What are some of the most popular configurations for Bin Caddy?


Ideal for Holiday decorations, seasonal

Rotating Season Items

Easy Access

Great, for camping, Emergency items

Easy Access to Camping gear, emergency equipment!

Dual Access

Simple storage in small spaces


Long Term

First bin in, is the last bin off.



The most popular layout is the Rotating Storage layout which is ideal for large spaces or over the garage door. Access at both ends makes loading “into storage” and “out of storage” easy, and allows for rotating seasonal items such as holiday decorations or children’s clothing.

The Easy Access layout is perfect to access bins quickly. This design is ideal for hunting, sports, or camping gear. It’s also one of the fastest designs to install.

The Dual Access Layout is ideal for narrow spaces or access to items used several times a month. Bins are stored back to back and accessed from both sides.

The Long Term Storage Layout: Maximizes storage space. Bins are accessible from one end only and the system backs to a wall or support structure. Great for storing those just in-case items or off sized clothing.